our whisky

“Whisky making is an act of cooperation between the blessings of nature and the wisdom of man.”
– Masataka Taketsuru

It is said that the heavens start to salivate every time we mortals partake of quality whisky that goes beyond the lofty standards accepted at the pearly gates.

We at Angels Share Spirits got together and produced one of the finest dram that could satiate the angels.

It was lapped up by our friends with wings from up above. This led to another predicament. The angels loved it and just couldn't get enough of it. The angels' share didn't seem enough to quench their thirst.

We now have pearly gates, with lush heavens and thirsty angels!

Presenting the whisky that became the spirit of choice in the heavens above and on earth below too - Thirsty Angels Whisky

Tasting Notes

Sweet notes of apple & butterscotch

Apple with honey sweetness

Caramel & slightly peppery

Light & easy to drink